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European Health Insurance Card Netherlands - Treatment Free Of Charge


When you are temporarily staying in the Netherlands, you can get medical care if you need it by showing your (EHIC). Treatment that is medically necessary is care that can't wait until you get back home. You might need this kind of care if you get sick quickly or have an accident.

You can also get treatment for pregnancy, giving birth, or a long-term illness. You must realize that you need treatment during your stay. If your illness needs regular care while you are staying temporarily somewhere else, you should talk to the health care provider there ahead of time and make plans for the care.

Applying For A European Health Insurance Card Netherlands

Arriving in Rotterdam: How to get Health Insurance

If You Live In The Netherlands And Work Or Go To School There

If you live, work, or go to school in the Netherlands and have Dutch health insurance, the EHIC is usually printed on the back of your card. If it's not there, you can ask your Dutch health insurance company for an EHIC (in Dutch).

If You Don't Live In The Netherlands But Work There

If you live outside of the Netherlands but work there, you can ask your Dutch health insurance company (in Dutch) for an EHIC.

You can get an EHIC from the Central Administration Office (CAK) for people in your family who are also covered by your policy.

If You Live Outside The Netherlands And Receive A Pension Or Benefit From The Netherlands

You can ask the CAK for an EHIC if you live outside the Netherlands, get a pension or benefit from the Netherlands, and are registered with the CAK. You can get a card for yourself and for anyone else in your family who is covered by your policy.

The EHIC will be sent to you by mail 3 weeks after you send in your application.

Claiming In The European Health Insurance Card Netherlands

Unless the card was issued in another member state of the European Union, it will not be valid for usage in the Netherlands.

  • Doctors and dentists: Check to see if the treating physician is a participant in the health insurance program. This goes for both general practitioners and dentists. Treatment is typically provided at no cost; however, the Dutch government's dental insurance program is reserved exclusively for children.
  • Prescriptions: While some medications are provided at no cost to the patient, this is not the case for all of them. Patients are responsible for the cost of some medications, while others require complete payment from the patient. These fees are not subject to a refund.
  • Ambulances: If a patient's doctor determines that it is necessary for them to take an ambulance to their destination, the ride is provided at no cost to the patient. If not, though, it is something that needs to be paid for.
  • Hospital treatment: In order to provide free medical care to a non-citizen, a physician will need to first obtain permission from the patient's insurer. It is best to get in touch with a physician before being taken to the hospital; however, if this cannot be done, make sure to display your EHIC card as soon as possible so that the insurance company can be notified.

How Does The EHIC Work?

If you require urgent medical attention while you are outside of the Netherlands, such as if you broke your leg, the foreign healthcare provider will send a charge to your health insurer for the costs of the treatment.

For instance, this can be the costs associated with the hospital. Because of this, you will not be required to make a payment at the time of service because your health insurance provider will reimburse you for the charges.

This is contingent upon the laws and regulations of the nation in which you obtain medical treatment. You may, for instance, be required to pay an excess (part contribution) for the therapy that you receive.

People Also Ask

How Much Does EHIC Cost?

There is no cost associated with obtaining either a UK GHIC or a new UK EHIC. Be wary of websites that claim to be official but actually charge you money to apply. Be careful to review the most recent COVID-19 travel guidance on the GOV.UK website before departing the country.

How Do I Get A European Health Card In The Netherlands?

When you have Dutch health insurance and live, work, or attend school in the Netherlands, the European Health Insurance Card(EHIC) will typically be printed as a standard feature on the back of your insurance card.

In the event that it is not present, you can submit an application for an EHIC to your Dutch health insurer (in Dutch).

Is Healthcare Free In The Netherlands For EU Citizens?

When you present your European Health Insurance Card at a public healthcare facility, you will typically not be required to pay any fees.


If you have an EHIC and become unwell while traveling through another European country, you will still be able to receive the necessary medical care in many of those countries. This refers to a card that provides coverage in European countries.

You can get a free EHIC in the Netherlands by submitting an application to either your current health insurer or the CAK. This is something that relies on the circumstances.

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