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European Health Insurance Card Cyprus - Get Insurance First


When you are temporarily staying in Cyprus, you can get medical care if you need it by showing your European Health Insurance Card Cyprus(EHIC). Treatment that is medically necessary is care that can't wait until you get back home. You might need this kind of care if you get sick quickly or have an accident.

You can also get treatment for pregnancy, giving birth, or a long-term illness. You must realize that you need treatment during your stay. If you need regular treatment for an illness while you are temporarily living abroad, talk to the person who will give you treatment ahead of time about how it will work.

How Treatment Works Using European Health Insurance Card Cyprus?

You'll get the same care that the locals do, at the same cost. Carrying photocopies of your European Health Insurance Cardwith the original is highly recommended.

If you were forced to pay for your own medical care because you either forgot your EHIC or it was not accepted, you may be eligible for retroactive reimbursement from Kela.

To receive medical treatment in facilities affiliated with the national healthcare system in Cyprus, you must provide your European Health Insurance Card. The Ministry of Health of Cyprus provides English and Greek language information regarding healthcare services. You may also find health services' contact details there.

Cyprus also has access to private medical professionals and clinics. Individuals seeking care in the private sector are responsible for covering all associated costs. This rule does not apply if you have been referred to private care by the Department of Health for treatment that is not provided by public facilities.

Use European Health Insurance Card Cyprus For Sudden Illness

EHIC - European Health Insurance Card


You can visit a primary care physician in a public health facility if you have a European Health Insurance Card and a valid government-issued form of identification. In the state-run healthcare system, you need a reference from your primary care physician before you may see a specialist.

A standard, but modest, a fee will be assessed. Laboratory and follow-up exams, such as X-rays, incur additional costs. Patients in some categories, such as students and those with long-term illnesses, are eligible for free or discounted care.


Unfortunately, dental care is not typically covered by insurance, therefore you will be responsible for all expenditures incurred while receiving treatment in Cyprus. However, the public sector offers dental care to certain populations at no cost or at a discounted rate, including those over the age of 65, those receiving disability pensions, and the chronically ill.


When you take your private doctor's prescription to a healthcare system pharmacy and exhibit your European Health Insurance Card and other forms of identification, you may be eligible for partial reimbursement of the cost of the medication. 50% of the cost is covered for those who are 65 or older, receiving a disability pension, or who have a chronic health condition.

If a patient holds a European Health Insurance Card and receives care at a public healthcare facility, the cost of ambulance transportation to the facility will be covered.

Medical Treatment

As long as your doctor writes you a recommendation, you can get hospital care. One other option for getting to a state hospital quickly in an emergency is to use the emergency room. You'll need to bring your European Health Insurance Card and a valid form of identification in addition to any referrals you may have.

All patients of the emergency clinic regardless of the services received, pay the same low flat rate. In hospitals, those who are chronically ill, over the age of 65, or receiving disability pensions receive discounted rates.

People Also Ask

Do You Need An EHIC Card For Cyprus?

Before you go to Cyprus, you should get an EHIC, which is a European Health Insurance Card. This card replaces the E111 form and gives you the same right to emergency medical care as a Cypriot citizen. In north Cyprus, the EHIC is not valid.

How Do I Get An EHIC Card In Cyprus?

Those who pay into or get benefits from the Cypriot social security system can get an EHIC by sending a completed application form (PDF) and supporting documents to the nearest hospital or the Ministry of Health. Cards don't cost anything.

Is A European Health Card Valid In Cyprus?

If you have an EHIC already, it will still work as long as it is still valid. With the GHIC or EHIC, the state will pay for any medical care you might need while traveling. All care is given on the same terms as for Cypriot citizens.


If a patient gets hurt during treatment, the laws and insurance of the country where the treatment is given always apply. If you are unhappy with the care you got using European Health Insurance Card in Cyprus, you should first try to work things out with the person who gave you the care.

If you want to make a complaint, the national contact point can help you find the right person to talk to.

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