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European Health Insurance Card International Students - Prepare For Your Studies


While it is not anyone's intention to become unwell while studying in another country, it is smart to be prepared for the possibility nonetheless. Prepare yourself for your studies by formulating a strategy for obtaining medical treatment in the event that you require it. Here is the European Health Insurance Card international students.

Find out everything you need to know about the healthcare services and health insurance options available to international students so that you will be prepared for your studies in Europe when you get there.

What Is The European Health Insurance Card?

Everything You Need to Know About the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

A free card that lets you get medically necessary care from the government during a short stay in any of the 27 EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, or the UK, under the same conditions and for the same price (or for free in some countries).

Some of the benefits covered are those that help with chronic or existing illnesses, as well as those that help with pregnancy and childbirth. Your national health insurance company will give you a card. The European Health Insurance Cardis important because:

  • It does not replace travel insurance.
  • It doesn't cover private medical care or costs like a flight back to your home country or lost or stolen property.
  • It also doesn't cover your costs if you're traveling just to get medical care, and it doesn't guarantee free services.
  • As the health care system in each country is different, services that are free in one country might not be free in another.

Please note: If you move your usual place of residence to another country, you should register with the S1 form instead of using the EHIC to get medical care in your new country of usual residence.

How Can I Apply For An EHIC?

Although an EHIC can be requested at a hospital or other medical facility, the easiest place to do so is through your health insurance provider. There is a possibility that an EHIC is already attached to the back of your health insurance card. Is this not the situation? Then put in a request for one.

When you make it clear that you require one of these cards, a healthcare provider is obligated to give it to you. Every citizen and permanent resident of a member state of the European Union is entitled to obtain an EHIC card. The amount of time it takes until you are issued an EHIC can vary from institution to institution.

It will often arrive at your doorstep within four full business days. Have you (already) missed the deadline for submitting the application? The next step is to submit an application for a short-term or emergency document so that you can swiftly travel with an EHIC card.

European Health Insurance Card International Students

You are required to apply for a European Health Insurance Card if you are a student from the EU or EAA who is staying in a Member State for the sole purpose of attending school there (EHIC).

During a visit to any of the EA or EEA countries, holders of an EHIC will have access to publicly funded medical care if it is deemed to be medically essential. Students from the United Kingdom are eligible to apply for GHIC cards.

The EHIC is not a substitute for purchasing travel insurance. It does not include coverage for private medical care or transportation back to your native country, for instance.

People Also Ask

Is An EHIC Card Necessary?

If you're going to any EU country, you must have a valid Ghic or an Ehic that is still valid. Those who are going with you should also take one. If you need emergency or state medical care in that country, you will need to show the card.

What Does European Medical Card Cover?

The EHIC or GHIC only pays for public health care, not private care. With an EHIC or GHIC, you can get medical care in an emergency or because you need it for the same price as a local. This means that you can get health care for less money or for free.

How Long Does A European Health Card Last?

If you live in the UK and have an EHIC, you can keep using it in the EU and Switzerland until the card expires, even if that's years from now (cards are valid for five years when issued).


Buy travel insurance that will cover your medical needs while you're away. International students can get the medical care they need with their EHIC or GHIC.

If you need medical care while you're traveling, you may need to make plans ahead of time. If you need dialysis or oxygen therapy, for example. Talk to your doctor in the UK to find out what to do before you go.

Some medicines that your doctor has told you to take can't be brought into the EU. These include foods with meat or dairy that are needed for medical reasons. Some people don't have to do it.

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