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European Health Insurance Card Romania - Is It Valid?


The European Health Insurance Card, sometimes known as the EHIC, is a multi-national health insurance policy that is completely free of charge.

It makes it possible for people who are legally residing in Europe and are insured by a public health insurance plan or a mandated social security scheme to receive necessary medical treatment in other member states at no cost or at a significantly reduced rate.

What exactly is the European Health Insurance Card Romania? This chapter provides information on the many services that are available to those who have health insurance in Romania, as well as the procedures that must be followed to obtain insurance.

What Does The EHIC Cover?

Introduction of EHIC – European Health Insurance Card

The European Health Insurance Card covers both planned and unexpected medical care. Some examples are breaking an arm, getting a chest infection, or being in a car accident and needing care. It also takes care of people with long-term serious health problems, like diabetes or asthma.

It's important to know what the EHIC doesn't cover. The EHIC doesn't pay for care that isn't an emergency. The EHIC is meant to let European residents keep traveling for business or pleasure without having to go back home for urgent medical care.

So, a problem that comes up from having asthma would be covered. But letting your allergies bother you can wait until you get back. Also, a serious ankle sprain would be considered an urgent need, but sore knees from a long day of sightseeing would not be.

Also not covered are planned treatments. If you usually go to the dentist in August, you can't just get one in the country you're visiting because it's easier. You also can't use the EHIC to "shop" for specialists, which means you can't go to different countries just to see well-known specialists there.

European Health Insurance Card Romania

To get state health care in Romania, you need to sign up with your local Health Insurance House (CAS in Romanian). Some parts of the state healthcare system cost money, but other parts are free. UK citizens usually use one of the following ways to get medical care in Romania:

  • paying social security contributions
  • using a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) for temporary stays when studying, or as a ‘posted’ (detached) worker
  • registering a UK-issued S1 form with CAS (see ‘UK-funded healthcare: getting and using an S1 form in Romania’ below)
  • paying for private health insurance

Healthcare If You Live And Work In Romania

If you want to move to Romania, you can find out more about the visa and residency requirements in the section on Living in Romania.

  • Buying health insurance on your own
  • Care for people who live and work in Romania

If you want to move to Romania, you can find out more about the visa and residency requirements in the section on Living in Romania. You must show proof that you have health insurance:

  • When you apply for a visa, you must register as a resident first.
  • Contact local authorities in Romania or the Romanian embassy or consulate in the UK to find out what kind of health insurance you need to apply for residency.
  • If you live in Romania for more than 3 months, you must register as a resident.
  • Most people need to pay into social security and sign up with CAS to get state-funded health care.
  • Some people can sign up with CAS even though they don't pay into social security.
  • children under the age of 18 students between the ages of 18 and 26 who have no income (if they are legally living in Romania)

People with disabilities who can prove it and pregnant women who make less than the Romanian minimum wage. Through the money you pay into social security, your dependents, like a husband or wife with no income, can sign up with CAS.

You might be able to use your Romanian EHIC to travel, even to the UK. If you start getting a UK State Pension, you may also be able to apply for a UK S1.

People Also Ask

Is Healthcare Expensive In Romania?

In Romania, everyone has health insurance through a program. There is a mandatory payroll tax that pays for health care for everyone in the country. Romania always spends about 4% of its GDP on health care, which is one of the lowest rates in the EU.

Is There Health Insurance In Romania?

The National Health Insurance House (NHIH) is in charge of public health care in Romania. All Romanian residents, including ex-pats, can get free or low-cost care from the NHIH. People who work in Romania will have their contributions to public health care taken out of their paychecks automatically.

How Much Is Romanian Health Insurance?

The average cost of health insurance in Romania is USD 7,571, according to our Cost of Health Insurance - 2017 report. The average cost of different types of international health insurance in Romania is USD 3,831 for an individual plan. Couples pay USD 7,357.


The European Health Insurance Card Romania is not a substitute for travel insurance in any way. A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and European travel insurance are very different in what they cover. The EHIC doesn't help with lost luggage, medical evacuations, or making sure that travel plans are safe.

Also, the EHIC program only lets people get care at public hospitals. You are treated the same as a person who lives in the country you are visiting. You will wait in their public hospitals and clinics just like they do.

If you live in a country with great public health facilities but are traveling to a member country where the public system isn't as good, private health insurance will make you feel more comfortable and give you more privacy.

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