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Renewing A European Health Insurance Card - Get Healthcare Coverage At Ease


The European Health Insurance Card(EHIC) allows you to receive free or reduced-cost public healthcare in another EU/EEA country. You can use it when traveling abroad or staying temporarily in another EU country.

In this article, we will cover the guidelines for renewing a European Health Insurance Card. The EHIC is valid for five years. Learn when, where, and how to renew it.

The European Health Insurance Card's Validity

A person giving a European Health Insurance Card to another person
A person giving a European Health Insurance Card to another person

Although it is not widely publicized, the EHIC is only valid for five years from the date of issue. The card's expiration date will be printed on it.

With the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, many people are unsure whether it is worthwhile to extend their EHIC for another five years, given that we are likely to leave the EU much sooner.

The EHIC will remain valid until the formal leaving documents are signed, so the answer is that it is definitely worth renewing your EHIC, knowing that the system will almost certainly have to change regardless of the outcome of Brexit.

When applying for a new EHIC, the same strategy should be used; it is still worthwhile to apply even if the system may change in a couple of years.

Renewing A European Health Insurance Card

A person holding a European Health Insurance Card
A person holding a European Health Insurance Card

Typically, the European Health Insurance Card is valid for five years. Six months before the expiry date, you can begin the EHIC renewal process; however, any unused time will not be added to your new European health card.

Renewal of an EHIC card is usually a simple process. Although the EHIC card renewal process varies by country, EU/EEA/Swiss citizens can sometimes handle the EHIC renewal process entirely online if no details have changed.

Find out how to renew your EHIC in your country and who to contact. The process of renewing an EHIC card is completely free.

Be wary of unofficial websites that charge you to download the EHIC renewal form or complete the European Health Insurance Card renewal process.

Documents Needed In Renewing A European Health Insurance Card

To renew your EHIC, you must submit a new application and include the following information and documents:

  • Personal information about the person who will be the cardholder (including the Social Security Identification Number and the National Health Service Number.
  • Personal information about the person applying for the card's family members.
  • Fill out the European Health Insurance Card Application Form (EHIC).

If you apply for renewal before the card's expiration date, you must also include the card number.

Reminder In Renewing A European Health Insurance Card

If you used a third-party agency to assist you with the EHIC application process, they may include a reminder service as part of the package.

When your EHIC expires in six months, they will contact you or send you an email with information on how to renew it quickly.

If you completed the initial application yourself, the NHS will not notify you when it is time to renew your EHIC and will not provide you with any automatic assistance in completing the application.

Set a reminder on your phone, keep a slip of paper on the back of your passport, or devise your own method for remembering when it's time to renew your passport.

This becomes more complicated when several members of the family have EHICs that expire at different times.

People Also Ask

What To Do If You Had Delayed In Renewing A European Health Insurance Card?

Don't panic if you've waited until the last minute and are almost ready to leave for the airport when you realize your EHIC has expired. Send your EHIC to be renewed but keep a record of the number and contact information for the NHS's Overseas Health Department.

When Should You Renew Your European Health Insurance Card?

The European Health Insurance Card is valid for a period of five years. Renewal must be completed within the last 30 days before the card's validity period expires. In the event of loss or theft, you must apply for a new EHIC.

Why Do I Need An EHIC If I Have Travel Insurance?

Many travel insurers will waive your excess if you present your EHIC, so having one on hand can save you money. Some travel insurance policies will not cover pre-existing medical conditions, whereas your EHIC will cover everything that a resident of the country to which you are traveling would be covered, including pre-existing medical conditions.


To summarize, European Health Insurance Cards are typically valid for five years, but the validity period is determined by each country. You can begin renewing your European Health Insurance Card up to six months before it expires. Applying for renewal is even simpler than applying for new coverage.

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